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a note from Rita

A note from Rita

Dear Friends

We leave 2023 behind us where we reflect on the past year and hopefully look forward to perhaps a better year for some of us and for others one that promises continuing hope that our world will find peace and a commitment to improve and save our planet.

From the cards and phone messages we received last month, I think I can safely say that everyone enjoyed the Christmas Jolly where once again Adrian and his band entertained us with carols and bingo became a bit of a hoot!

I am very pleased to let you know that £400 was raised on the day and £300 was sent to Crisis at Christmas and £100 to the Watford Food Bank.  Your monies will make a difference and I thank you very much for your continuing generosity to the various charities we support each month.

Our next Jolly on Tuesday, 23rd January, will be celebrating our 7th year Anniversary.  It’s been quite a journey from the first Open Door meeting in January 2017 where just 3 people turned up! Please note that, just like the Christmas Jolly, we will be starting at 12 o’clock and I would kindly ask that you arrive from that time onwards for lunch around 12.45 pm.

In order to book your place, please contact me by phone/text or email no later than Wednesday 17th January. After this date it becomes difficult to add further names. Also, please do not turn up on the day without letting me know first.  

If you have any gifts for the raffle table, they will be most appreciated as will change for entry and the raffle. 

Could I please also ask that if you feel unwell that you do not attend. Covid is on the increase and flu and colds are in abundance right now.

I look forward to celebrating our Anniversary with as many of you who would like to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.




Huge thanks to Pinner Rugby Football Club & Morrisons for your continued support!


We were delighted to be gifted delicious gateaux from

Antoine at Pascucci

Thank you!



The heart of a home is the kitchen and that was exactly what inspired Rita O'Brien to extend the invitation to her local community, to come together in her pink kitchen in her Open Door gatherings. Not only do these gatherings bring people together, but through everybody's participation, money is raised for a chosen charity each month. Open Door is about giving people a place to meet new faces, share a laugh, all the while helping to bring awareness to some of the lesser known charities and raise much needed funds to support their continued work.

Making new Memories

One Jolly at a time!

Our Story So Far. . .

We're making a difference, together.

Friends of Open Door

Thank you to our local businesses that have supported Open Door so far...


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